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How to use Remind/Rebody?

Great! You have bought the starter set, or are interested in doing so.

Continue reading to find out how to get started.

The product has no rules: you can interact with the set in any way you like. We understand that at first, this might be hard without any guidelines. That's why we have created audio guides to help you on your way. You can find them on this platform. 

To get familiar with your objects, the audio guide Remind works very well. It is a playful way of getting to know the objects and how they work together.

Ready to explore some more? Try the audio guide Rebody. You pick one object, and do just that; explore! 

The audio guides explain everything you need to know, so dive right into them. 

Do you want to customise your experience? Take a look at the Tips & Tricks page!

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