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Tips & Tricks

Browse through the various ways of taking your Remind/Rebody experience to the next level!

The two audio guides you have access to from the beginning can be done in many ways, here are some examples of how to customise them to your liking.

Ready for more? New audio guides will be published regularly, as well as new objects to expand your collection!


Extra cold, extra warm.

Put your ceramic thing in the freezer or oven for a heightened experience. Cold hands in winter? Heating up your piece makes for a comfortable and warming ritual. Can’t cool down on a hot summer day? A freezing piece will do the job.


A united experience.

Instead of following an audio guide alone, invite some friends over and expierence the set of objects together. Optional: share your experience and discuss!


Bonding with your partner.

Follow the audio guides focused on exploring the piece, but explore one piece together with your partner. Example: to experience the temperature, move the piece over your partner’s body instead of your own.

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